After the mixdown, the next logical step is the mastering stage.
Many underestimate this process, but it is extremely important.
When mastering, we adjust the volume and sound of the individual songs,
iron out inaccuracies in the frequency response and remove interferences if present.

Then the order of the individual songs is determined
and the lenght of the breaks between songs is set, also fade ins and fade outs.
This is important for a clear listening pleasure of the whole album.


  • If you send us mixed tracks to master please do not set fades
    and don’t cut at the beginning or at the end.

  • Please do not insert any kind of processing or effects into your master bus.

  • Provide us with the data in the highest possible resolution,
    we take care of the adaptation to the final format for you.

Please have a look at our information sheet on data delivery in the DOWNLOAD area.