You are planning a CD or demo production
and you´re looking for a studio that allows you a professional recording?
Then you are exactly right with us.
You can work effectively and without pressure in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you.
For a good result, next to the performance of the artist,
the equipment used is also very important.
It doesn’t help if you connect the best microphone with cheap cables
to a budget mic preamp and send it through a high-end converter.
What will you get?!? SHIT IN SHIT OUT !!!
That’s why we only use high quality microphones,
cables, preamps, EQs, compressors and converters.

Planning a recording session is also important:

In a conversation with you, we clarify everything in advance and create admission plans.
Just give us a call or e-mail us to discuss your project.